Are Pro Controllers, Modded Controllers?

The industry for pro controllers is growing at a tremendous pace, and it’s no surprise when you consider how fast esports is growing too. Many players are often confused about pro controllers and whilst they add new functionality over standard controllers they are not considered to be ‘modded’ controllers.

In this article, we explain why pro controllers are in fact not modded and why you can use pro controllers in tournaments or esports events.

On the surface, pro controllers come with a wide range of benefits - they have additional buttons, button re-mapping and the quality of the buttons, D-pad, joysticks, and triggers are often a lot higher than standard controllers.

There’s no denying that pro controllers offer better precision for skilled gamers, but they do not include any ‘mods’ or affect gameplay whatsoever.

On the other side of the fence, modded controllers have specific ‘mods’ that can be used to get an in-game edge over other players. These mods could include programmable macros that can automate button presses or rapid fire buttons that can simulate button presses faster than humanly possible. By providing these features, modded controllers can automate certain processes and remove a large amount of skill from games.

Pro controllers do not remove any level of skill from gameplay - their buttons, triggers, and joysticks may offer better precision and therefore provide responses more accurate to what a player is inputting, but all elements of gameplay are still reliant on the player’s skill.

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