Battlefield 1 Winter Update Released, Details Inside

DICE has just pushed out the winter update for Battlefield 1. The update should be available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

While the update has already landed, most players still don't know about the highlights of the patch and what to expect from it. In this article, we've covered all bases, so take a read below to check out what's new.

Unsurprisingly one of the biggest focuses for the winter update was to fix bugs. DICE has done a wonderful job to keep Battlefield 1 running smoothly across all platforms and the latest winter update has eliminated plenty of little bugs and errors that have been pointed out by the community in the past.

The next biggest focus for the Battlefield 1 winter update is player progression. From now on, the maximum class rank will be 50, as opposed to 10. This applies to all of the four main classes, the pilot, tanker and all of the elite kits.

To go alongside the new class levels, there are brand new dog tags and customization options. Every ten rank after class rank 10 will introduce new items for players. Server owners will also have more control in the latest update. Server owners can now kick and permanently ban players from their server and a setup for map voting on custom servers is now available.

The Battlefield 1 winter patch was originally only going to be a small update for bug fixing so these new adjustments are welcome changes. The next big Battlefield 1 update is still in the works as well and should bring a larger range of tweaks and balancing changes.