Armada Takes Dreamhack Winter Win

Unsurprisingly, Armada and Hungrybox ended up finding themselves in a match up for the grand finale of Smash Melee Dreamhack Winter.

However, only one player could come out on top. Both Hungrybox and Armada were projected to do well in the event, but nobody expected Armada to be on such a hot streak. Earlier on in the tournament, Armada ripped through Leffen and Trifasia with quick 3-0 victories.

Hungrybox, on the other hand, managed to fight his way through Professor Pro and Mang0 in his first two matches. He did well, but he wasn't quite as much of a convincing winner as Armada was at this point.

After two straight wins, both Hungrybox and Armada found themselves in the winner's final. In this event, Armada's 3-0 victory streak was brought to an end by Hungrybox, but only just. Armada still managed to take a 3-1 victory in the winner's final, bringing him to the grand final with just a scratch.

Hungrybox took a pretty heavy knock to his confidence after his loss to Armada, and as a result, he only just managed to scrape out a 3-2 victory in the loser's final against Leffen. With another victory in his hands, Hungrybox then found himself against Armada in the final match of the tournament.

Hungrybox may have dusted himself off from earlier bruises, but Armada was completely on fire. The final was a beauty to watch and it saw Armada closely beat Hungrybox with a 3-2 scoreline during the first grand finals matchup.

As a result, Armada managed to bag the $15,000 win, whilst Hungrybox still went home happy with a $7,500 paycheck.