Super Mario Run Gameplay Showcased

Heads up everyone, Super Mario is gearing up to be a front-runner for 2016 mobile game character of the year.

While Super Mario has never left the comfort of Nintendo's consoles in the past, Mario's maker has finally wised up and have now prepared a Super Mario mobile game. The game is called Super Mario Run and we've known about it for a while now. However, today Nintendo finally revealed gameplay for Super Mario Run and we're actually quite impressed.

As long as Nintendo sticks to their previous words, Super Mario Run will be free to download, with extra content and levels which can be unlocked with a one-time purchase. Nintendo won't be using any of the terrible in-app purchase practices seen in other popular mobile games such as Clash of Clans or Clash Royale.

The game will feature the same gameplay we've learned to love from the Super Mario world - side scrolling fast paced action, plenty of levels and boss fights with Bowser. However, instead of the traditional control scheme, Super Mario Run will have a simple one-handed 'touch to jump' control system. Mario will continuously run forwards and players must tap to jump over obstacles and collect coins.

It seems a little odd at first, but Super Mario Run should feel very similar to the traditional Super Mario games on Nintendo's handheld consoles.

Super Mario Run will be hitting the app stores for free from December 15. However, you may be able to try out the game early by visiting an Apple Store and playing on the iPad and iPhone display units they have available.