Assasin's Creed 3 Gameplay Info:

New Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay demo was revealed a few weeks back and a lot of new stuff was shown in that. The demo highlighted gameplay mechanics particularly related to the city environment unlike the previous demo which showed the gameplay in the wild Frontiers.

Players will get to experience two HUGE city locations in AC3 - one being New York and the other being Boston. Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director of AC3, presented the demo of the gamplay in the city of Boston. In this article we will sum up all the new details that were shown and be sure to check the demo out for yourselves (link given below).

Different Seasons - The demo started with text on the screen saying "Boston Summer 1773". This added to the gameplay of the snowy frontiers are indications that we will see different season in AC3.

Dynamic Weather - At 22nd of the video we see sudden rainfall which might indicate a dynamic weather mechanic in AC3.

Long Jump - There was a new jump animation shown at 23rd second of the video which might indicate that we might be seeing an option for a long jump in the game.

Mobile Cover - Now there are mobile covers that you can hide in. Example of a hay stack being carried by a horse carriage was shown in the demo. Not only can you hide in them, you can also assassinate while on the move!

Stealth Positioning - Connor is able to take cover against most walls and trees from which he can also perform assassinations.

Stalking Zones - A new type of cover system has been integrated within AC3 within which players will be visible even when mobile. The demo shows a thicket of shrubs within which Connor blends in to sneak close to the enemy.

Dynamic Side Missions - The developers have tried to integrate side-missions within the narrative of the main story in order to enhance the overall gaming experience. As players explore Boston, New York and the Frontiers, they will come across many characters whom they can help.

Rope Dart Stealth Move - They also showed off a bit more of the ability of the new weapon "Rope Dart". The demo showed Connor hanging an enemy on a tree using the rope dart which in effect lured other guards away from their posts.

New Public Hiding Spots - Connor can now hide between any two characters within the world and mimic their actions to blend in. He can also assassinate from that position.

Combat - Demo also highlighted some of Connors two-handed fighting style which was designed from the ground up. The combat is more fast paced and the players have the ability to perform appropriate moves in order to string together kill chains. Connor also has the ability to take out downed enemies.

A huge change within the combat system is that health will not regenerate while Connor is in combat. There are also no potions or other items that will allow you to regain health during combat. The health only regenerates again once you are done with your enemies.

New Enemy Archetypes: There are going to be new types of enemies with new abilities and behaviors. Players are expected to utilize proper strategy to take these enemies down cleanly and quickly.

New Assassination Methods: There are going to be a lot of new assassination methods in AC3, most of which will be contextual. A couple of these where shown in the demo. Any character near the edge of any object can be pushed over - off a building or off the ship and into the sea. Also Connor can pick up muskets on the move with which he can pull of crazy double assassinations.

Covert Escort: Throughout AC3 players will have the opportunity to get help from other characters. They have also developed a huge range of new behaviors that can be used to meet our goals. In the demo they show these escorts disguised as Red Coats holding Connor captive. Using these escorts Connor is able to pass through a choke point undetected.

Improved City Navigation: The city will have objects that facilitate fast movement across the city such as monkey bars and angled objects. As such, Connor has a few new moves which include ability to run over moving objects and run up angled objects.

The biggest addition to the city maneuverability is the new "pass through". This basically allows you to run across the interior of a building in order to ditch your pursuers.

As you can see guys there is a lot of changes being made and I am certainly looking forward to AC3 which has supposedly been in development for 3 years! AC3 launches 30th of October 2012 and since more details are bound to be revealed as we get closer to the release date, be sure to keep an eye on our website!

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