Design your own Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers in real time with over 10 billion combinations. Share, Tweet, Pin your creations.

Tempe, AZ. (August 2012) - Evil Controllers has released a new innovation to revolutionize the way controllers are made. This innovation gives gamers a complete visual on the controller they are designing before they order it. With over 10 billion combinations, gamers can spend a lifetime finding the 'perfect' controller.

The launch of Evil's Controller Creator includes more than 60 shell options and dozens of add-ons to choose from. Gamers can design a fully unique controller with a Carbon Fiber shell or Skull Imaging print then add custom triggers, thumbsticks, buttons and more. Many of the options available are only available at Evil Controllers. These include upgrades like sensitive buttons, sensitive triggers, the Evil D-Pad and Evil's own professional thumbsticks. If gamers can envision it, Evil will build it.

"We knew for this industry to move forward this technology needed to be established. Our development team is dedicated to delivering the highest user experience to our customers," said Jonah Coe, Chief Operating Officer of Evil Controllers. "In just 4 days over 40,000 controllers have been created on the new site." He estimates the site will hit a million creations in the next 2 months.

Gamers can share, pin and tweet their controller designs. Creating controllers that match their favorite sports team, video game franchises or personal style has never been easier. The added functionality allows the designer to share their custom controller with their personal circles before they receive it and before they order it.

The fidelity of Evil Controllers' new controller creator gives gamers the opportunity to add more than aesthetic upgrades. Other potential upgrades include gameplay enhancements like rapid fire, but also include game specific modifications. These enhancements supercharge a player's potential to improve their gaming abilities.

 To celebrate the launch of the Controller Creator, Evil Controllers is discounting all controllers made with the creator by 20% until September 1st. In addition, fans of Evil Controllers and gaming can share their designs on Evil Controllers' facebook event "Win a Controller - Contest: Controller Creator Unleashed" for their chance to win a free Xbox 360 or PS3 Controller.

Evil Controllers' Controller Creator can only be found at, the industry leaders of modded controllers.