Following suite with many other popular video game franchises, Ubisoft have decided to reveal details on downloadable content and season passes for Assassins' Creed 4: Black Flag before its release date.

There will be a range of different DLC packs available as part of a season pass set which will include extra content to the game like new multiplayer characters and new missions.

These packs will be available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and will all be released before March 2014. The season pass will be available at launch however, and will cost the same as all DLC packs with the inclusion of a 20% discount.

With the season pass, players will be able to download Black Flag content packs as soon as they become available without paying any for any other fees.

Whilst the pricing has not yet been released, Ubisoft have released a trailer to showcase what the DLC packs will include.

Among both singleplayer missions and multiplayer characters, there will be additional personalization options and a DLC-exclusive Kraken Ship pack.

It looks as if the DLC will be cut into four different DLC packs-

+Freedom Cry, the DLC pack for singleplayer missions.
+The Exclusive Kraken Ship Pack that includes customization options for the Jackdaw.
+More singleplayer personalization options, collectibles, and missions pack.
+More Multiplayer Mayhem pack with new characters

Interestingly, the Kraken ship pack will only be available to those who purchase the season pass, which gives more of an incentive to invest your money into the game while the developers prepare to release the new content.