A new Xbox One software feature has been revealed by an Xbox rep at the EB Expo in Australia, and it adds a little extra personal touch to the Achievements system.

Often while playing on the Xbox 360, unlocking achievements can go unnoticed, and some games don't explain very clearly how achievements are unlocked, but this new software system will give gamers an insight into how they unlocked their achievements and got up their Gamerscore.

According to the Xbox rep, "The DVR will automatically record any Achievements that take place so whenever you unlock a Gamerscore it will automatically record how you did that so you can check it out later."

Obviously this isn't going to be a selling point for the Xbox One, but it's nice to have a few extra features here and there to add more personalization and attachment to your own gamer profile.

This isn't the first feature that allows gamers to watch back previous gameplay footage though. Microsoft have already announced a feature on the Xbox One that will allow owners to record, edit and upload gameplay footage with software available for free on the Xbox 1. Users will then be able to share this clip with their friends directly through Xbox LIVE or through various other social platforms.

Players will also be able to directly stream game footage to websites such as Twitch.TV, removing the need for external third party game capturing equipment.

It seems both Microsoft and Sony and branching out with the next generation and are looking for as many ways as possible to make gaming as social as possible.