Astro C40 TR Controller Reviews Not Stacking Up

For the money, you’d assume that the Astro C40 TR controller would be among the best in the business. The much-heralded controller was hyped extensively as being one of the best upcoming options for 2019. After the big launch though, things don’t seem to be stacking up too well for the C40 TR.

Reviewers have complained that the C40 TR has several missing features and questionable build quality. Interestingly, the C40 TR cannot power on the PS4, which is shocking to see from a $200 controller. Others have noted that there are issues with drift in the sticks, and others have complained about buttons going out after just a few weeks worth of play.

By far, the biggest issue seems to be the lack of tension in the thumbsticks. This is a real concern when you’re playing racing games or shooters, as you lose out on accuracy or control when your sticks are too loose. The issue has gotten bad enough that we’ve begun adding Pro-Tension to Astro C40 TR thumbsticks, in order to bring the controller up to snuff.

That’s not to say that it’s all bad when it comes to the C40 TR. Many reviewers have said that the controller does feel like a premium product and that they think it’ll become one of the best PS4 controllers if the bugs are ever worked out. With growing competition from the likes of us and others though, it looks like the Astro will have their work cut out for them if they want to rise to the top of the heap.

If you have your own ASTRO C40 TR, you can use the following link to add our Pro-Tension to your thumbsticks: