Air Bear Delivers Custom Controller Reviews

Since he first came onto the scene ten months ago, Air Bear has become popular for delivering honest custom game controller reviews. Going in-depth, Air Bear explains the ins and outs of different hardware, from actuators to skins to wraps, and more.

Recently, Air Bear did an Evil Controllers review where he went hands-on with our modded controllers, letting us know where we got things right as well as what we got wrong (we ended up adding the tactile triggers!). He walked viewers step by step, showing off all of the different options, which include: faceplates, mapping, grips, mods, thumbsticks, color and trim, personalization, and warranty.

Air Bear also went on to give what he would do if he was building an Evil Controller without breaking the bank. What is his build for this situation? Well, it looks something like this:

+ No faceplate
+ Add shift buttons
+ Add re-mapping
+ No sensitive buttons
+ No tactile D-pad
+ Standard left stick tension
+ Pro right stick tension
+ Add controller grips
+ No mod packs
+ Add Evil thumbsticks (standard left stick length, medium right stick length)
+ No Evil ID

So how does Evil Controllers do in AB’s review? Quite well! While noting that our controllers are definitely premium products, Air Bear does laud us for our quality as well as a bevy of options. As of the posting of the video, he’d yet to complete his Astro C40 TR review, so the comparison wasn’t applicable. After the fact though, AB noted that he didn’t think that the Astro C40 TR is worth the money.

Needless to say, we’re pretty jazzed that Air Bear likes our controllers! We want to thank him for taking the time to review our custom gaming controllers, and we look forward to seeing more of his videos.