Azubu Acquires Hitbox for eSports Streaming Plans

Twitch might have a near-monopoly on the video game streaming industry, but other competitors are still fighting hard to get a grip on it.

One of the longest running competitors for video game streaming is Hitbox - it's a service that offers a similar service to Twitch, and also has a larger focus on streaming esports. In recent news, Azubu has just acquired Hitbox for a sum of "tens of millions of dollars."

While operation at Hitbox is still going on as normal, this acquisition could mean big things for the platform and even bigger things for the video game streaming industry as a whole. To begin with, Azubu is certainly interested in putting more focus on the esports side of things. The majority of streams on Twitch are non-esports related, so Hitbox and Azubu have a potential void to fill.

Interestingly, Azubu is another streaming platform that hasn't managed to gain the attention it's hoped for. Previous talks suggested that Azubu was close to shutting down due to budget issues related to a lack of exposure. This new acquisition will allow Azubu's talent and fresh ideas to shine on a platform that already has a stable viewer base.

Azubu's main goal with Hitbox is to "launch a new platform, focused on optimizing the mobile user experience and monetization technologies, strengthened by our internally developed technologies, technical partner relationships and a passionate team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of video game live streaming."