Miami Heat Buys Stake in Misfit eSports Org

The Miami Heat sports organization has recently purchased a stake in Misfit eSports.

Whilst unknown to some, the Misfit eSports org includes teams for Smash Bros, Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends. Perhaps their best-known players form their Overwatch team, which has recently performed incredibly well on a global level.

Most individuals would certainly know Miami Heat on the other hand - with a valuation of over $1.3 billion, the sports company is most known for their basketball team. In January 2016 the Miami Heat team was considered the 10th largest NBA franchise.

Considering the huge scale of Miami Heat, it's clear to see that the Misfits eSports organization are going to get all of the funding and support they need to keep their teams progressing towards new levels. Currently, the ownership of Misfit eSports resides with the original owners, but with Miami Heat owning a stake, they have the ability to call some of the shots as far as sponsorship deals, promotions, and team management goes.

We've seen this kind of eSports interest from huge traditional sports franchises in recent history, but this may be the first time such a large organization puts effort into making some of the more important calls relating to the eSports world.

With eSports growing considerably in recent years and with increasing support from traditional sports communities, it's clear to see that eSports could become the next biggest worldwide spectator sport.