NBA JAM not downloadable but a physical video game!


With NBA Jam already released on disc for the Wii, the PS3 and Xbox versions that were originally to be original downloadable content for delayed NBA Elite 11, will be now be a retailÂÂdisc release according to an EA Sports representative. EA Sports President Peter Moore stated that EA is going to ship NBA Jam as a standalone product in time for the holidays. This was sort of hinted at as Gamefly recently listed the game for a November launch which knowing Gamefly's rental service meant it was going to be a physical product.

Jen Riley of EA Sports Vancouver had this to say:
"The fact that retailers are showing the box is because we are shipping Jam in a box on [Xbox 360 and PS3]....we just haven't announced a firm date."

With this statement and confirmation the project team is trying to get as much of the Wii's version content onto the PS3/360 version's release and likely point of a price from a matching fifty dollars to a present day standard of sixty dollars.

Written by Evil Ambassador - Geroncio Copiozo