Anticipation Levels for The Dark Knight Rises Are Now at an All Time High for the 2012 Release

By Ryan Keeler

With Rocksteady Studios October 18th release of Batman: Arkham City, their sequel to the 2009 hit video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, the anticipation level for Christopher Nolans 3rd and final movie, The Dark Knight Rises, is starting to cause a lot of chatter on the web. With it being over three years since Nolan broke box office records with his second Batman installment, The Dark Knight, fans are starting to get a bit antsy for Julys 2012 release. The Dark Knight not only opened with a $158 million opening weekend, it went on to gross over $1 billion worldwide, putting the film in the top 10 of all time box office worldwide gross. With that being said, and an estimated $250 million budget, the pressure is on for Nolan to produce with his final feature on the caped crusader.

Nolan decided to take time away from his 3rd installment to work on Inception, which proved to be a box office smash. His break from his Batman project could, however, prove to be a bit costly. Since Dark Knights release, there has been a comic movie craze in the last three years with takes on characters ranging from Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Green Lantern, and Thor. And now with the world being hyped for the new Avengers movie along with a new Superman reboot, the competition level for the Batman film could be very fierce. RockSteadys video games will indeed help. Arkham City has many of the famous characters playing a role in the new game, with the Joker playing the main protagonist along with help from Two Face, Poison Ivy and The Riddler. Options to play as Robin and Catwoman are featured in this release, along with a new and interesting storyline of Bane as an ally for Batman. Those three characters will help strike interest in the movie alone with confirmations of Bane and Catwoman to make their trilogy introductions as well as a rumor of a Robin plotline.

Photos, videos, and spoiler alerts are littered throughout the web on the new-featured film, but any concrete word on the plot is still top secret. During an interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who has been cast to play police officer John Blake) the question arose of the rumor of his character becoming Robin by the films end. You know I cant have this conversation, man. Adding that Christopher Nolan was in fact crazy and that the whole cast was sworn to secrecy. For a movie with so many secrets surrounding it, the filming in Pittsburgh has been accessible by much of the public. With a simple Google search, photos of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy as Bane, and videos of Bane speaking to the Gotham crowd at Heinz field and a Batwing chase scene surface. All proving that the publics interest is still there after a three-year hiatus and with one year still to go until the films release.

Nolan tripled his box office numbers from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight. The expectation level can only be through the roof from Warner Brothers and all the fans that will be forming lines out theatres doors for this one. I for one stay optimistic that Nolan will conclude this trilogy with fans begging for more and making us all forget that it has been a very long four years since the world was introduced to not only one of the best Batman films, but arguably one of the best comic book/action films of all time.