Red Dead Redemption's Designer is Working on a Movie. Sadly, it is not aRed Dead Redemption Movie

Christian Cantamessa, the man who was responsible for designing and writing the cut scenes of Red Dead Redemption, is heading to the movies, according to an article on Kotaku.

Cantamessa sold a script (that he co-wrote) calledWake Cycle. The movie is set in a post-nuclear-apocalyptic world and around anunderground hyperbaric facility. This facility is accessible once every six months during a period called a "wake cycle". Two custodial workers take advantage of the temporary presence of fresh air during this ninety-minute time period to perform necessary maintenance on the facility, with the plot details seeming to end here.

The Red Dead Redemption creator is not alien to making movies. He previously co-wrote and directed a short filmcalledHow I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse. While I frankly would have wanted a spaghetti western cinematic take on Red Dead Redemption, the movie's plot does sound interesting. In the meantime, I'll replay Red Dead Redemption or rewatch my collection of spaghetti westerns like Johnny Oro or Minnesota Clay.