batman arkham knight file sizeA new screenshot has confirmed that the upcoming game, Batman Arkham Knight will include a huge install size, taking up to 50GB of hard drive space. If you are planning to play Batman Arkham Knight and your PlayStation 4's hard drive space is becoming limited, you may want to clear some space in anticipation for the game's launch later this year.

There are plenty of reasons why Batman Arkham Knight will be 50GB on the PlayStation 4. Firstly, the game features an open world, and by the looks of things it is going to be quite a large world. Another thing to take into consideration is that Batman Arkham Knight has some very impressive visuals. The size of the high definition game files is expected to be very large considering the game looks so great.

In other news, rumors suggest that the Batman Arkham Knight DLC will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 until Fall 2015. Some of this exclusive DLC will include the Scarecrow Nightmare missions, the Justice League 3000 and Classic TV Series Batman costumes and the Classic TV Batmobile skin.

Whilst we do know the install size of the PlayStation 4 version, we do not know what the Xbox One file size will be. We can't imagine there will be much of a difference. We also do not know how much data players may have to install if they play the physical copy instead of the digital version.