gta v 1.1.0 patchA new patch has rolled out for Grand Theft Auto V and it fixes a number of issues, namely for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

One of the major fixes includes changes to the graphical quality of the game. Many players noticed that the graphical fidelity of Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One decreased after update 1.08. As you can imagine a lot of players were frustrated with this change, and Rockstar did not issue a statement as to why this happened at the time.

The new update has reverted any of the graphical changes to how the game looked before update 1.08. Rockstar also mentioned that the 1.08 changes were not deliberate, and it was something that was put into the update by accident. So rest assured, GTA V for the PS4 and Xbox One isn't going to be looking any less gorgeous any time soon.

Another fix for 1.1.0 resolves the problem some players would have on GTA Online which would make the appearance of their character change randomly across multiple occasions whilst playing. We're not sure what caused this strange bug in the first place but your characters will no longer be having an identity crisis in 1.1.0.

A new fix to some of the animations now makes it clearer when another player is aiming at you on GTA Online. Previously it would not always display the right animation when a player was
aiming at another player, and this made it hard to notice when a player was about to open fire.