CVG, a popular gaming news website has recently shown off a Batman Arkham Origins video-game stand that has been sent into their office. At first glance, there's nothing that intriguing to be taken in from the stand, however, the dark colored cardboard cutout does give us a little information about the villains that could make an appearance in the new game. At the bottom of the cutout near the game title and logo, there are plenty of familiar faces in a crowd of recognizable Batman villains.

Although it's only been officially confirmed that Deathstroke, The Penguin and Black Mask will make it into Arkham Origins, the promotional cutout clearly shows recognizable faces in the picture, such as the Joker, Bane, and Scarecrow.

Previously information has been given about the Black Masks' interaction with Batman in the game, stating that in the game, Black Mask puts out a hit on Batman's head, forcing Batman to fight it off against eight deadly assassins.

Does that mean that the characters seen in the cardboard cutout will be foundin Arkham Origins? Right now it's hard to say whether the villains that are on the promotional material are there just to help market the game, or if they are an actual representation of Arkham Origins itself.

Whatever the answer is, we'll have to be patient and wait for an official announcement on the matter.