More Details on AC4

Ubisoft have tried their luck with yet another Assassins' Creed title, and although true fans are growing thin, there's no doubt that Assassins' Creed 4 will see good sales. Despite the game being talked about a fair amount in the industry, details on the game are quite sparse, and the strange pirate theme hasn't been discussed by Ubisoft much. We can gather a little information from Ubisoft though, and the developer has started giving more info on the title through interviews and press releases.

It turns out that there will be a total of three major locations in Assassins' Creed 4, with each one fitting into the Caribbean environment that Ubisoft has chosen for the game for its 'unique and fresh' feel to it.

The first location, Havana, is a city with a lot of tight streets and alleys, allowing the player to do a lot of rooftop missions, whilst the second city, Kingston, has intertwined buildings into a natural environment, allowing players to make use of trees and other naturally formed objects. The third city, Nassau, better relates to the pirate theme, as it is in essence the head base of operation for pirates, meaning the streets are hectic, and built in strange and unorganized ways.

Despite the three differing locations, Ubisoft has worked hard to link these into the '50 plus locations' also found in the game, so that players feel that the different locations come together to represent themselves as a fully immersive game world.

When it comes to the main protagonist, Edward Kenway, Ubisoft has said that he descends from Connor Kenway, a pirate in the world of AC4. This would explain the pirate theme, but other details about the character are small. However, game director Ashraf Ismail has said in an interview to the Examiner that, "He is charismatic and brash but also selfish and immature. In a way we wanted to show a character who is a teenager in terms of maturity and who eventually becomes a man. As the game progresses Edward needs to figure out his role in life and what taking responsibility means."

The story in Assassins' Creed has always deeply involved the characters into the storyline, so it'll be interesting to see how the story of AC4 plays out.