Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC Details Here

All of the juicy details for the first Battlefield 1 DLC expansion to actually cost any money have now been revealed.

The first DLC for Battlefield 1 is called They Shall Not Pass, and it will include new maps, new weapons, new items, a new game mode and some other extra features.

Firstly, let us share what we know about the maps. The new They Shall Not Pass DLC will have a total of four new multiplayer maps. The four maps are named, Fort Vaux, Rupture, Soissons and Verdun Heights.

With these four maps combined, players will have a nice mixture of claustrophobic underground tunnels, iconic trench and bunker warfare, open farmland and torched rubble.

Frontlines is the included game mode in They Shall Not Pass. Frontlines has a mix of gameplay from Conquest and Rush. "Both teams fight for one flag at a time and when this objective is captured the action moves on to the next. Capture the enemy's HQ control point and the game turns into a Rush-style section where telegraph posts need to be attacked or defended."

The new DLC will also introduce the gigantic Char 2C tank, alongside the St. Chamond tank, a new Trench Raider elite task and the siege Howitzer field gun. The Trench Raider is a melee-heavy class that's going to play a key role in the trenches. With access to a raider club and a variety of grenades, it'll certainly bring a big impact to any well-defended trench.