battlefield 1 vehicles

If you've seen the new Battlefield 1 trailer then you'll know that there are a lot of gamers out there getting excited right about now. Although the trailer is the only official content we have from DICE at this point in time, we do have some information to share from an interview Gamespot had with Lars Gustavsson, DICE's design director.

In the interview, a few questions were asked. Although Gustavsson was vague with his answers and kept a lot of information up his sleeve, there were a few bits and piece worth mentioning. Because of the shift in time zone, pretty much everything will have to be worked from the ground up in terms of weapons and vehicles. As a result, it's easy to worry that the Battlefield dev team might not put as many weapons and vehicles as one may hope.

Fortunately it sounds as if the vehicle choice in Battlefield 1 will be plentiful. In his interview, Gustavsson mentioned that "There's a plenitude of vehicle types." We didn't get much information about what vehicles will be in Battlefield 1 but the interview included questions about battleships, airships, (think zeppelins) armored tanks and more.

It's not confirmed that players will be able to pilot the airships and the battleships but it could be very likely. If not, it sounds as if there could be some kind of gameplay element related to them. We'll be hearing more from DICE about the upcoming Battlefield game very soon so hopefully we'll find out exactly how the battleships and airships will make an impact on gameplay.