EA Debuts A Reality Show Surrounding BF3

How do you measure the success of a video game? Is it the numbers? That's one factor. Is it the revenue that it generated within a few days of its release? Most likely. How about when it makes a line of new products and material that arent video games? That's somewhat likely. How about a reality show?

I know, I didn't expect that either, but it could work (lets just hope it's better than "The Tester"). While it seems a bit unorthodox, it's still happening. EA just announced that it has teamed up with some of footballs biggest stars for an exclusive reality show titled: Battlefield 3: Operation Gridiron.

Thankfully it won't be an hour long series of NFL players playing Battlefield 3 all day. The focus of the show will be putting athletes through high intense combat training done by some of the worlds most elite Special Operation Warriors. After they have completed their advanced training, they will have to work together to accomplish a live simulator operation pulled straight out from one of the scenarios in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3: Operation Gridiron is airing currently, with the first episode already up on
the Battlefield 3's Facebook page. The series will go on until October 24th 2011 – one day before the game is released. A very clever day to end the series on, which should boost Battlefield's advertising.