Method Man Raps For Upcoming Titles Featuring Sour Patch Kids

Method Man is known for a lot of things. He's a member of the Wu Tang clan, he loves video games (Def Jam Vendetta: FFNY was awesome), and has a sense of humor (despite we should ignore the "Method and Red" sitcom from years ago). However, I never expected the same man rapping about Sour Patch Kids. In this Youtube video called"World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)" he raps about an incident involving missing sour-sweet candy pieces. This is the same man help make the music video"Triumph", right?

However, the big question on everyone's head (other than "what the heck is this?") is why is there an ESRB rating on the video?

Well the answer is that Method Man's video is part of a promotion for the Sour Patch Kids-themed iOS game calledSour Fling and another upcoming video game calledWorld Gone Sour, both are based on the sour-sweet candy.

Whoever is in charge of marketing and advertising at Cadbury is either a risk-taker, a genius or both. The reason why is because this advertisement was out of left field...and effective. Because now I want Sour Patch Kids.!