The newest installment to the coveted Battlefield series, Battlefield 3, will be released on October 25th, 2011. The new game promises to bring an entirely new first-person shooter experience, and the information regarding the pending release only works to increase my excitement surrounding the game. As if the release of Battlefield 3 wasnt enough to get the gaming world excited, a paperback novel has only been planned to accompany the game.

Popular fiction/non-fiction author Andy Mcnab is writing Battlefield 3 and it will be released in November of this year. McNab is a former member of the British SAS, and took part in numerous special military operations. His prior military experience is communicated in his other novels, and it will only add to the realism of the Battlefield 3 novel. The book provides gamers with a new way to interact with the new Battlefield title, and I cannot wait to delve into the book when it is released.

It is reminiscent of the Halo book series, which has done very well throughout the years. The concept of video game based novels is not new, but this will be the first pertinent Battlefield novel and accordingly I think it is worth checking out.

Currently, there is no information regarding the plot or structure of the novel, but its association with Battlefield 3 is enough to spark my interest. I have read numerous video game novels in my youth, and they engage the game environment in news ways, providing background information to characters and story developments in the game. If you are looking to buy Battlefield 3 in October, it will be well worth the extra cash to buy Andy McNabs novel as well.

As it gets closer to the games release there will be more information regarding both the game and the novel. Here at Evil Controllers we will stay on the look out for new information and pass it onto you accordingly. Game on my friends, and look out for the upcoming novel, Battlefield 3.