Battlefield 3 has a new official video online displaying some of the new multiplayer game play. The video is a kill montage from the DICEs newest first-person shooter, and the sequences shown are more than impressive.

The graphics resemble movie quality action, while remaining true to the Battlefield aesthetic established in earlier titles. The newly released game play best exemplifies the fast paced, chaotic action that previous Battlefield games are famous for.

One of the opening sequences shows soldiers rushing past a tank that is firing upon enemy positions. It confirms that DICE has once again created a first-person shooter that expands the scope of the online multiplayer experience.

You can view the video here, and see the new game play for yourself. Evil Controllers is very excited to get a glimpse at the action, and cannot wait to have a copy of Battlefield 3 in our hands. The video puts the public one step closer to seeing the game in its entirety, and as a result, I am already a fan of Battlefield 3.