Battlefield 3: Premium Service

The Premium Service for Battlefield 3 is very much like the Elite service available for Call of Duty. Premium service was launched on Monday, June 4th and actually offers a pretty hefty saving.

Premium Service owners will get all 5 expansion packs that are going to be released for BF3 in the future, which include:

1. Back to Karkand
2. Close Quarters
3. Armored Kill
4. Aftermath
5. End Game

The service is priced at $50 or 4000 Microsoft points and owners of the service will get the 5 expansion packs for the price of 3.5 (saving about $25). Although the saving would be a little less for gamers who have already purchased the first expansion Back to Karkand released a while back but, it still is a good deal none the less.

In addition to this, players will essentially be getting a wealth of other in-game bonuses for free, like the following exclusive items:

1. A new knife
2. 20 new weapons
3. 10+ new vehicles
4. New dog-tags
5. 10+ unique soldier camos
6. Unique weapon camos
7. 5+ unique assignments

Owners of the service will also get an enhanced Battlelog with new features such as the ability to reset their Kill/Death ratio and Win/Loss ratio amongst other things. You will also get server entry priority which will basically allow you to enter the popular servers without having to wait in the long ques.

Additionally, players will also get to save 5 of their favorite Battle Reports which otherwise tend to have a limited life span. In essence more bragging capability! You will also get access to exclusive events, videos, strategy guides (straight from the experts at DICE) and my favorite, Double XP Weekends!

Premium service subscribers will also get early access, 2 weeks early to be exact, to all the newly released DLC. PS3 owners will get a sweeter deal, an added 1 week early release so they get to enjoy the new content 3 weeks earlier than Xbox360 and PC gamers!

So all in all, this is a great deal considering that it is not a monthly subscription but, only a onetime $50 investment. If you are a fan of BF3 this is something you should seriously consider getting and if you already have it, then you already know how sweet the deal actually is.


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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad