The first ever Halo 4 gampelay was shown at the Microsoft press conference at E3. All diehard fans of the franchise were a bit on edge about the upcoming game considering the fact that a completely new company was developing Halo 4. The return of Master Chief himself did little to calm them down.

I remember watching a random late night talk show in which one of the hosts exclaimed "Why should we be excited about Halo 4 when strangers are making the game?". The fact that Bungie Studios split from Microsoft and the game was passed over to 343 Industries was not very well received by fans worldwide. A good analogy would be as if Santa Monica Studios had given the rights to God of War to an internal studio of Sony. It just wouldn't feel right.

Fortunately though, the gameplay demo shown by 343 Industries at E3 blew away these concerns, wowed the crowd and got the fans excited yet again for a new Halo. If you missed the demo check it out in the following link:

According to a select few in the gaming community who had the opportunity to play Halo 4, they said that it felt exactly like the previous iterations. Additionally the graphics just look insane. As expected, this installment is the most beautiful of all the games in the franchise.

The gun play also appears a little altered in that it doesn't require a hundred bullets to take out an enemy which makes for a much more enjoyable and fast paced gameplay. Also, I think they put a bit more thought into the game this time around in terms of it's cinematic moments. If you watch the gameplay you will notice how the weapon evolves as Master Chief keeps progressing through the level.

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad