Video Shows Probably the Oddest Killstreak in Battlefield History

Back in college, I had to take stagecraft as part of my minor in Theater. What I thought was going to consist of backbreaking work turned out as one of my favorite classes of all time, next to Principles of Marketing and History of Comic Books (that was a real class). During my semester, I learned how to build stages, props, and various other parts of trade. The most memorable part I remembered was learning how to weld and craft with metal. Thanks to the skills I learned how to make a staircase out of old car parts and how to use a blowtorch. From that day on, I thought a welding torch was something you used to repair metal components.

Then this video came long. Accompanied by probably the next best use of Aram Khachaturian's "The Sabre Dance" (the other best use was in PeeWee's Big Adventure), you can see someone on Battlefield 3 using the torch in an effective way that doesn't involved a tank that was at the receiving end of enemy fire. As you can see, nothing says humiliation than being killed by an engineer with his repair tool. Sure, he can repair the M1 Abrams tank and blow you to smithereens, but he rather have you burn for sniping at him earlier in the match.