Club Nintendo's Japanese Platinum Members Can Get the Most Awesome Throw Pillow Ever

Japan gets all the cool stuff, they have businessmen dressed as Mario and Luigi riding fast Japanese-made go-karts, vending machines that vend fully cooked curry, and now they have Mario Throw Pillows (as seen here on Joystiq). Yes, you heard me. If you're a platinum member of Japan's Club Nintendo, you will be receiving a throw pillow (also known as a love pillow) of an 8-bit Mario.

The Mario pillow is one of three freebie choices for platinum members. The others include the choice of two table calendars or two different Nintendo soundtracks. Now tell me, if you were living in Japan and was a platinum member, would you rather keep two calendars that you're going to toss away in a few months, two CDs of video game soundtracks that can likely be found via bit torrent, or a Mario pillow that would tie the room together.

I'd get the pillow, it would go really well with the curtains I bought at IKEA last week.