The Screenwriter for Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne Movie Explains Why Uwe Boll is Insane (Then Again, We Already Knew That)

Bloodrayne film screenwriter Guinevere Turner worked under this generation's Ed Wood, Uwe Boll. Bless her heart for putting up with the director of such video game films likeHouse of the Dead and Farcry. Likely, her patience was probably tested to the breaking point, as you can find out on anarticle on Joystiq (warning: this article's contents has a bit of harsh language and stills from Bloodrayne).

On the article's video, which is a clip from a documentary on screenwriting,she explains how Uwe Boll would yell at her about the script and then basically tear her work apart by accepting her first draft as a final draft and altering its contents on the go. When she got to see the result of her torn apart writing at the premiere, she was the only one in the room of production staff laughing at what her script had become.

In her method of subtly apologizing for Bloodrayne, she stated the following:

"It's like a 25 million dollar's like the worst movie ever made... is it so bad that it's campy? I think it is."

After that, I gave out a sigh of relief knowing that even the scriptwriter of Bloodrayne knew how bad the movie was. Now only if the writers of House of the Dead would do the same and give me back my ten dollars I wasted on a ticket to see that flick.