Battlefield 4 Leak?

No one knows whether it was actually a mistake or whether it was planned but a pre-order bonus has revealed that Battlefield 4 might be in the works, more like it is definitely in the works.

A special promotional banner for pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter displayed on EA's Origin digital distribution service. The banner stated that is you ordered the game for a price of $69.99 you would get exclusive access to Battlefield 4 Beta.

Till now neither EA nor DICE have mentioned anything about a sequel to Battlefield 3 released just a year back. For now DICE has been confirmed to make new DLC for Battlefield 3 till March 2013. Considering how successful Battlefield 3 was, it is not that surprising to considering a follow up.

It was just weird how the news was actually brought to our attention. Either case considering DICE's commitment to future BF3 DLC, we won't be seeing BF4 no sooner than March 2013. We can however hope to hear some concrete details soon and if we do, we will definitely keep you posted!


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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad