Sleeping Dogs Info

When it started out this game was called True Crime: Hong Kong and was being published by Activision. However after a certain point in development Activision decided to scrap the whole project based on the fact that the game would not be as profitable in comparison to the amount of cash required for its production.

Luckily Square Enix came to the rescue and bought off the rights to the game. Although they did not get the rights to the name and hence Sleeping Dogs was born. I would say it was a smart choice from Square Enix as the game has turned out to be one of the highly anticipated games of this year. The game is being developed by United Front Games and is expected to launch August 14th 2012.

The game in general is an open world sandbox much like GTA or Mafia. Well it differs from Mafia in possessing a wealth of side quests other than just the main story. We play the role of an undercover detective of the Honk Kong Police Department, Mr. Wei Shen, whose main objective is to take down the Triads.

Check out the gameplay:

As you can see, the game does not really innovate on itself. It takes a lot of successful ideas from other games and blended them together in a neat package. The combat system is very satisfying and very much like Batman Arkham Asylum/City. You can string together heavy and light attacks to perform combos, you can counter enemies and even utilize your environment.

The gun combat is also pretty solid and the slow motion effect really in essence is Bullet Time from the Max Payne series. There is also a free run element within the game where you have to chase your opponent which really resembles chase scenes from the Assassin's Creed series.

But all this familiarity is not a bad thing. Just because you have similar elements does not mean the game is the same. The game looks great and a lucky few people who have tried termed it very entertaining and addictive.

There is also RPG like element to this game which sets it apart from the crowd. As you complete missions your main character gain experience which can be used to access new upgrades, skills, etc. Also due the fact that members of United Front Games have worked on the Need For Speed Series and the ModNation Racers the vehicle in this game handle really well.

As I said, even if this game is nothing revolutionizing the developers seem to be doing a really solid job with it and fans of this genre should really consider getting this.

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad