Battlefield reveal at GDC

Despite the fact that it hasn't even been that long since EA announced DICE were working on Battlefield 4, it seems like the developers of the game have now confirmed an earlier rumor stating that the game was going to be revealed at GDC this year, on March 26th.


Although I doubt we'll see more than a cinematic trailer and hear a little bit whilst developers talk about the game, some key details on Battlefield 4 may be released, including what platforms the game will be playable on, as well as what generation. First guess is to expect that the next Battlefield title will be available for next-gen consoles, but unless Microsoft reveal the next Xbox before March 26th, it'd be strange to see Battlefield 4 announced for next gen consoles, and a Sony only release is highly unlikely.


A current generation release seems a little strange as well, and I think that DICE would do a good job at being the first to get an AAA shooter onto the next gen.


In other news, box art has been spread around the internet, and although there is no proof that it is real, it certainly fits the style of previous DICE battlefield box arts, and the image can be seen above. Do you think this could be the real box art or just a well-designed fake?


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