New Turtle Beach Hardware

Turtle Beach has long been a well-known sponsor for many MLG players and leagues, and when crystal clear communication is relied on heavily in competitive team-based games, it makes sense that Turtle Beach would take the opportunity to flaunt their gear.


This year Turtle Beach aren't just flaunting their already released gear though, as they have announced a new range of headsets which will all reach the shelves later this year.


The new headsets have been named the P SEVEN for console, PC and Mac gamers, the Z SEVEN for just PC and Mac gamers, and the PX22 Universal Headset for PC and Mac gamers.


The two SEVEN headsets feature a removable microphone, an optional in-line microphone, and lay-flat ear cups. You can change the headset setting to PC, Mac or Xbox 360, and quickly switch between the different options with ease.


The other headset hasn't been given much information on, but one other piece of hardware has been announced as well, which helps Turtle Beach owners communicate. The TM1 is a 6-channel audio mixer that allows communication for up to six players on the same team, or two teams of three players.


These top of the range products don't come without top of the range prices though, so for those with small budgets, or those who can't get sponsored to get products for free, you may struggle to get your hand on a pair of Turtle Beaches.


The pricing for the new hardware is as follows:


  • XP SEVEN-MSRP $279.95


  • Z SEVEN-MSRP $249.95


  • PX22 Universal Headset-MSRP $79.95


  • TM1 6-Channel Tournament and Broadcast Mixer-MSRP $249.95


What are your opinions on the new Turtle Beach hardware? Will you be getting any later this year? Check out our custom ps3 controllers while you wait for the unveil of the headsets!