Battlefield 4 Update on PS4 _ Xbox One

Whilst Battlefield 1 is just around the corner, DICE is still pushing out small updates to Battlefield 4. If you're playing Battlefield 4 still, you may be quite excited to know that a brand new user interface is coming to the game. The new update doesn't include any new content, but it does add a new centralized multiplayer interface for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The main feature added to the new interface is to allow players to switch between Battlefield games easily. The interface will allow Battlefield 4 players to switch to Battlefield 1 once it has been released, as long as they own Battlefield 1 and have downloaded it to their system. The idea for the interface is quite unique, and it's not something we often see from game franchises that often.

For now, the interface does not add much more functionality to Battlefield 4, although the interface is a lot tidier now and it is certainly easier to navigate, even if you only ever plan to use it for Battlefield 4.

If you attempt to select Battlefield 1 without owning it, you will be given the option to purchase the game. It seems like DICE will be periodically suggesting to Battlefield 4 players to purchase Battlefield 1 on the new interface, so the only downside is that it may feel a bit like a big advertisement for the next game to those that do not own Battlefield 1.

Overall though, we'd say the new interface changes will be welcomed.