343 Industries may be cutting down on the amount of content being released for Halo 5: Guardians, but that doesn't mean new content isn't coming. In fact, a brand new content drop will be hitting in September. The release date for Halo 5's Anvil's Legacy DLC will be September 8 and it will see a number of new features, including new REQs, new weapons for Warzone and more.

Two brand new maps will also be coming to Halo 5 in Anvil's Legacy. The first of which will be a Warzone exclusive and the second will be a remake of Halo 4's Haven. The new Haven remake is called Mercy and it will be perfect for any close quarters game modes like Rumble Pit or team doubles.

Like previous updates, Anvil's Legacy will also be getting a number of new REQ items. Firstly, three new rare Warzone weapons have been added, including a powerful tactical magnum. There are a number of new common weapon drops added as well, along with some new armor items, new armor colors and a range of legendary weapon skins.

September 8 will also mark the date that Forge comes to Windows 10, which makes the name Anvil's Legacy a perfect fit. With Forge on the PC, players will have more control over the maps that they create. We expect that plenty of community maps will be added to the map pool for Arena over the next few months as well.