Battlefield 4 Tease

Recently, DICE released a short clip that comes straight from their newest Battlefield 4 trailer that will be released on March 27.


The clip shows gears turning with the ominous sound of heavy machinery that could either be a tank or maybe even a helicopter.


Now, Electronic Arts features a track record of putting downloadable content in almost every game that they publish. We believe that Battlefield 4 will not be an exception.


Battlefield 3 featured 5 DLC packs that included everything from new vehicles to weapons and even new maps. The first DLC pack was released on Dec. 13, 2011 and the last one will release March 19, 2013.


Along with these DLC packs EA also came out with the Online Pass. The Online Pass prohibited used game buyers from being able to go online and play for free. A used player would have to, instead, buy the used game and then pay for an Online Pass.


All of these features, either good or bad, it seems like they will make a comeback in the next Battlefield.


What do you think the trailer will look like? Do you think the new game will have feature a different Frostbite engine? Will it be a next-gen game? Be sure to stay tuned and follow us on facebook and twitter for more details in the future. Also, be sure to create your own modded Xbox 360 controller in our Controller Creator before the new trailer arrives!