New Details on GoW Judgment

If you're interested in the next Gears of War Judgment game, you'll be happy to know that Microsoft Studios and Epic Games have compiled a big list of information on the game. From the looks of it, Judgment will be the most complete Gears game yet, thanks to a well-built storyline within the campaign, and the big host of multi-player features not previously seen in any Gears of War game.

Four multi-player modes have been detailed, overviewing the previously announced games as well as some currently unannounced ones. Details on the game modes are as follows:


OverRun is the previously announced gameplay that will be making a debut in Judgment. The game mode is a 5 versus 5 game where players can choose different classes. Each team will play a round as the attacking Locust, and as the defending COG soldiers. The Locust will always be attacking, and the COG will always be defending.

Team Deathmatch:

Two teams of five players start with a shared limited supplies of respawns as they fight against the other players. Obviously the aim of the game is remove the other team’s respawn limit before your team has gone.


Free-For-All is an as everyone would expect; all against all warfare, pitching players against each other, removing any aspects of teamwork from the gameplay.


Domination is a 5v5 team based competitive multi-player mode.  Teams will compete over three hotspots placed throughout the map.  Think of it like a static king of the hill game with multiple hot spots.

On top of the new gameplay modes being detailed, Epic gave details on some new explosive weapons making it into the game, including a range of varied grenades as well as rocket and grenade launchers.

This should give the COG an interesting advantage, especially useful for the OverRun multi-player game mode.

What's your favorite part of the new revealed details? Are you looking forward to more singleplayer or are you looking to get into some multi-player action? Be sure to rig yourself up with one of our many modded controllers in our Controller Creator.