Bethesda Launches Fallout 76 Private Servers

Game developer Bethesda has doubled down on the horrendous Fallout 76 by launching Fallout First, a $100 annual service that provides private servers and some less sought after features.

The main feature being offered here is private servers, which allow players to get in on private games with a few of their friends. The service also offers a survival tent that allows players to set a fast travel point, as well as a scrapbox where you can store unlimited amounts of materials. Bethesda will also give you 1,650 Atoms per month, a ranger armor skin, and additional icons and emotes.

While the private servers have been something that players have been craving, it appears that the other features are being put in to try to justify the very high price. Players who don’t want to pump in $100 for a year of the service can opt for a $12.99 per month subscription, but players and industry journalists seem to be in lockstep in thinking that the price is absurd.

Additionally, it seems that Fallout First’s launch isn’t going to plan, as multiple users have said that they’ve put all of their possessions into the scrapbox, only to come back later and see that the loot is completely gone. The private servers aren’t exactly functioning correctly either, as players on your friends list can drop into the world whether they’re invited or not. That’s not exactly what we’d call private.

Fallout 76 originally launched last year to negative reviews, as those who’ve played it say it lacks the heart and activity found in other Fallout games.