Influencers Are Impressed With the Elite Series 2

Various game journalists and internet media influencers have gotten their hands on the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, and thus far it seems like they’re quite impressed with the tech.

We wouldn’t call the Elite Series 2 the best Xbox Controller (we’re a bit biased as we love our products that improve upon the console manufacturer's official offerings), but it does appear to be a quality product. Microsoft has improved on the first Elite, bringing more options for players to customize their experience. The build quality is top-notch for a major game company, and the device ships with a case, multiple pads, a charging dock, and is USB-C compatible.

Reviewers seem to feel that the build quality of the controller is high, with the device feeling nice in the player’s hands. The customizable options on the controller also have been well-received as the different stick sizes and tension can be adjusted. We’re going to be offering day-one mods on the Elite Series 2, giving you even more options when you’re looking to beat the competition.

Our custom Elite Series 2 will give even better options for players, including Drop Shot, Tactical Rapid Fire, Fast Reload, Auto Scope, In-Game Remapping, and more. The options here are endless, and you can set things to your liking. It’s a large investment to put in, but if you’re serious about your gaming you’re going to want to get this custom Xbox One controller.

Check out what others have to say about the Elite Series 2 below: