New ZeRo Smash Bros 4 Tier List

After recent events, ZeRo has built a new tier list for Super Smash Bros 4. The list includes each of the SSMB4 characters, besides the Miis, and has listed each one based on their performance in competitive events.

Whether you play competitively or simply want to know which characters to pick to give yourself a better chance at beating your friend when they come round to play, this new tier list is worth taking a look at.

Before we share the entire Smash Bros 4 tier list, let's first take a look at the top 10 picks from ZeRo. The top ten characters in ZeRo's tier list have been showcased below:

  • 10: Mario
  • 9: MarchCina
  • 8: Fox
  • 7: Sonic
  • 6: ZSS
  • 5: Diddy Kong
  • 4: Sheik
  • 3: Rosalina
  • 2: Cloud
  • 1: Bayonetta

Bayonetta was an interesting choice for number 1, especially considering that not a single Bayonetta player has won a major tournament with that character.

As ZeRo is a Diddy Kong player himself, it's odd to see Diddy Kong so high up in the list. Many other tier lists would put Diddy Kong in the top 3, without a doubt.

The rest of the choices for the top 10 in this tier list is something that the majority of the community can agree upon. The remaining 42 characters in this list are in-line with what the rest of the Smash bros 4 scene would say, too, although there are a few characters that should arguably be higher or lower.

Check out the full list in the featured image above.