Binding of Isaac Now Available on Nintendo Switch

The Binding of Isaac was originally planned as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, but after the company behind the title announced there would be delays, nobody quite knew when the game would make it to the new platform.

Fortunately, developer Nicalis has confirmed that the Binding of Isaac has now almost been completed and the game will make its way to the Nintendo Switch on March 17. The version of Binding of Isaac that'll make it to the Nintendo Switch is the Afterbirth+ version.

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ on the Nintendo Switch will cost $40 and players will be able to pick it up in store as a physical copy, or from the Nintendo Switch interface as a digital title. Afterbirth originally launched on the PC in January 2017 as an expansion to the original game. The full Afterbirth+ version will offer the same content as the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Complete Bundle, which is available on Steam for $35.

Afterbirth+ is also in development for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One - at this point we wouldn't be surprised if the other consoles would also be selling it for around $40 as well.

Despite the game originally being released in 2011, every new addition to The Binding of Isaac has kept it fresh and exciting since. If you haven't played The Binding of Isaac yet, the Nintendo Switch version would be a great place to introduce yourself to the game.