Mass Effect Andromeda to have Microtransactions

You can blame EA for this one. Mass Effect Andromeda will be receiving microtransactions.

The microtransactions in Mass Effect Andromeda will be included alongside the base price of the game and the season pass for the future DLC content. The microtransactions available will allow users to purchase 'Andromeda points' which is currently understood to be a currency that will be used in the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect Andromeda.

The description online retailers have been using for the Andromeda points packs is shown below.

"Andromeda Points are an in-game currency for the Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer mode only. These points can be purchased with real world currency and can be used instead of the earned in-game currency to obtain new Multiplayer packs, which contain items used in the Multiplayer mode."

Unfortunately, we do not know what the multiplayer packs will include, or whether these packs will provide users with benefits or buffs. Hopefully, EA has opted to only include cosmetic items and utilities like XP boosts inside the multiplayer packs. It may be that Mass Effect Andromeda will feature a microtransaction system similar to Halo 5: Guardians.

In Halo 5, players can earn in-game currency by playing the multiplayer game modes and then spend that money on packs that include cosmetic items and special equipment for the Warzone game mode. Players can earn everything by playing, but they can also spend real money to earn additional packs. If Mass Effect Andromeda offers a similar approach, microtransactions in Andromeda may not be such a bad thing.