Black Ops 2 Leaks

It seems none of the big shooters this year can escape the horde of leaked gameplay and pre-release day copies getting into the hands of a few sneaky players, and following from the huge surge of leaked gameplay of Halo 4 after thousands of players with JTAG'ed Xboxes got their hands on a digital copy of the game, players have now uploaded tons of footage of Black Ops 2 for the whole world to see.

Although no one is quite sure how widespread the pre-release day copies have reached, a few websites have stated that most leaked content has come from Slovakia. Players have uploaded images and gameplay of the menus and features in-game. Some players have even got their hands on the Black Ops 2 hardened edition, and there are unboxing videos of the game spread around the web.

Activision are most likely working hard to remove all evidence of the game straight off of the internet, with a lot of uploaded videos on Youtube being removed due to copyright claims from the Call of Duty publisher.

However, now that players have the game, there'll constantly be a stream of attempts to upload content to the web, keeping Activision very busy up until the game's official release date on November 13th. Many may claim that leaked footage may hurt the game sales, but unlike Halo 4, which was illegal distributed through digital downloads, players have a legitimate online-capable copy of Black Ops 2 in their hands, so the biggest issue could well be that early players will now have a huge two week head start on both the global leaderboards and the online ranking system.

Both of which won't be a big deal when they face off against a player with Evil Custom Controller.

Written by Ollie Green