Black Ops maintenance

Recently Treyarch has informed PlayStation players that they may have trouble connecting to, and staying in a game due to maintenance on the PlayStation network. It was nice for Treyarch to give notice to players, and although Treyarch gave little information on the reason for the maintenance, they wanted players to be patient and understanding of the situation.

The PlayStation network maintenance lasted most of the day, and although most PlayStation owners should be able to access most of the features, players may have difficulty getting into online play on some titles.

An official announcement by Treyarch on the matter was unexpected though, so it may be possible that some of the maintenance could help fix some of the intermittent issues that Black Ops 2 has had since launch.

Players have complained about dodgy connection before, but hopefully the maintenance may have helped smoothed out some of these issues.

Noticed any difference after the network maintenance? If so, what has changed?