Limited Edition White PS3

The life of the PS3 is on thin lines now that the next gen PlayStation is so close, but that doesn't mean it's finished quite yet. For those that are still interested in buying a PlayStation 3, or want to grab a new one instead of waiting out for the next PlayStation, the new limited edition Classic White Instant Game Bundle may be for you.

Despite the unibody white color, the new console is a clone of the fairly new PS3 Ultra Slim. The console comes with 500GB storage, giving you the potential of around 300 full length movies.

The console bundle also comes with a free year's subscription to PlayStation Plus, as well as 12 popular PlayStation games, and 6 PS Vita games packed with the new PlayStation Plus subscription.

The PlayStation Plus subscription will give players access to exclusive marketplace discounts, new games added to your personal collection every month, and other benefits not available to average PlayStation users.

The price for the new console bundle is $299, and it will be on sale on Amazon on the 29th January.

Sony's reasoning behind this late addition model is unknown, but it could be a way for Sony to offer the most loyal PlayStation owners a trophy reminder of the success of the PlayStation 3. The console is said to be 'limited,' but it is also unknown how limited the white console actually is.

In my opinion, the console does look pretty grand, and it's nice to see the PlayStation bearing a different color.

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