More Black Ops 2 Gameplay info:

Alright! I know why you all are here so let's dive straight into it!

As always, Treyarch is really tight lipped about revealing anything about the multiplayer at this moment. They always like to tease people with the official multiplayer trailer which sadly for us, is not out yet. But, in an interview with Machinima, Mark Lamia the Studio Head at Treyarch mentioned some interesting details.

Mark mentioned that they are really building Black Ops 2 Multiplayer from the ground up. They do not plan on adding to the existing framework of Black Ops but, intend to redefine it. He mentioned that players can expect to see them to "push the boundaries of the multiplayer pretty hard."

What this means is that they are taking a look at every game mechanic, weapon upgrades, perks, kill streaks, map design, classes etc., and building them anew. He also mentioned the fact that we will be seeing a lot of new gameplay mechanics that have never been seen in the franchise.

Currently a rumor is going around that instead of a create-a-class we will get a "point system" which would give us more freedom in picking combinations of weapons rather than the series of fixed weapons and equipment slots that we know so well. As the rumor goes, 10 points are allocated to each player which can be used to get whatever equipment and weapons one likes and ditch whatever he/she thinks is unnecessary. If this is true then it will open up a range of playing styles that we have never encountered before.

Mark also kept on stressing the fact that they will be integrating elements that would facilitate players interacting, joining games and playing together. He said that they are taking the social scene into consideration and that they have developed the multiplayer based on how they see and feel the players want to play.

The whole multiplayer is going to be set in the future, 2025, so we will get to play with all the high tech gadgets and drones along with the crazy weapons such as the sniper with which you can take out people behind cover.

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad