Black Ops 2 is getting close to its launch date, 13th November 2012, and this time around Treyarch is pulling all the stops! The game has already broken pre-order records and has surpassed pre-order records for Modern Warfare 3 by 30% according to Wow!

It is obvious that the same old engine is not stopping anyone from getting their hands on this installment. Well, we had been hearing news of all the new gameplay elements that they planned on putting in this game but, this E3 we finally got to see a sneak peak of it.

I was really impressed with the single player campaign in Black Ops and this time they plan on making it bigger and better. The story is a direct continuation from Black Ops and is going to be split into two eras - the cold war in the 1980's and the cold war in the near future of 2025. We will be taking the role of Alex Mason during the 1980's and as his son in 2025.

The cool thing about the split time frame is that we will actually get to see the rise of the main villain, how he was in the 1980s, and how the decisions made back in the past have a repercussion on the future, 2025.

For the first time in the history of the franchise we will be seeing the incorporation of player choices in the franchise. For example in the E3 demo (link below), at the bridge you have a choice to either repel down and assist your team in taking out the enemy or provide sniper cover. Choices such as this will be littered throughout the campaign.

The other cool thing they have incorporated is a series of sandbox missions called Strike Force. These missions can be played in a variety of ways. You can play the whole thing from the Overwatch mode which will allow you to control ground troops, vehicles and planes. So basically if you want you can play those missions completely as an RTS game!

You can also take control of a member of any team and play it like the standard objective based mission like in any other cod game. You can even set up everything from the Overwatch mode and then take control of different vehicles, planes and teams to accomplish your objective.

Cooler still is the fact that you cannot replay these missions whether you succeed or fail. The story will continue on based on your actions. You will have different "Hot Spots" to choose from in the Strike Force. The missions you don't select to play will also be blocked and the fiction will continue on with those missions you selected. So, in the end based on what each player chooses, he/she will essentially have a different scenario unfold in front of them.

Adding to all this, the fact that we get to actually control vehicles for the first time ever in the COD franchise, it is no surprise that the pre-orders are blowing through the roof. This game is well on its way to breaking another day one sales record.

But, we all know the main influence behind sales behind this franchise is the multiplayer component. Keep an eye out for the follow up articles where we collect all info currently available for the multiplayer and zombies. Till then check out the Black Ops 2 gameplay Demo.

Black Ops 2 : Gameplay Demo -

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