New Black Ops 2 Content

From fragging your friends in multiplayer to shooting at zombies in well, Zombies, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 seems to have a mode for all shooter fans.


Sometimes though playing on the same maps with the same guns get old. That's where Revolution comes in.


Revolution is a content pack that will release on Jan. 29 that will include new maps for multiplayer, Zombies, and a new gun.



The newest map introduced into Zombies is Die Rise. This map will challenge players with a brand new minion and the map is located in a crumbling skyscraper. Giving an incredibly cramped feel.


The newest and coolest new mode is Turned. This game mode will allow players to become zombies and kill their human brethren. The game will start with four people, who are all zombies, in Diner, have to find a syringe to turn back to human. That human then has to kill his zombie friends in order to get points. With every zombie kill the player gets a new weapon, just like in Gun Game.


The Peacekeeper is a submachine gun that has been added into the multiplayer mix. It has the lightweight of a submachine gun while being able to have a slightly longer range but being incredibly unstable on fully automatic.


The first map is a skate park titled Grind. This map offers a whole new set of challenges for players because of its awkward angles, bright surfaces and height differences.


The next map is a snow map called Downhill. The developers made a map with a constantly rotating deadly ski lift, lodges and snow.


The next map Mirage is the complete opposite of Downhill, set in a desert, this map consists of destroyed and ruined building obviously cause by the sand. Along this map are natural barriers of sand that create impromptu ladders while the buildings provide artificial cover.


The last multiplayer map, Hydro, focuses on one key mechanic, there is a floodgate that randomly opens in the center of the map that will kill all players that are in the way. This creates a certain kind of tension and forces players to act.


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