Gamestop Early Access Gears


Gamestop Rewards Members who pre-ordered Gears of War: Judgement from the retailer will have early access to the demo, according to Microsoft.


The demo will start March 16 for these members while the demo will begin for everyone on March 19, when the game launches.


The players will also be able to play in the new Overrun mode. This mode pits five humans against five Locust players. This game mode will have the humans defending an objective while the Locust trying to destroy it. The players will also be able to choose classes within their race to further diversify Overrun.


Players that play the demo will be able to rollover their XP that they earn to the full game, as long as they purchase the game within the first week and play it.


Along with the early access to the demo, players that pre-order will be able to play as a young Marcus character, receive a Lambent weapon skin and use the Hammerburst weapon all in multiplayer.


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